The following guide is for the SAS Certified Specialist: Base Programming Using SAS 9.4 exam. This is a new exam for the SAS Base Certification which involves coding challenges along with the previous exam style questions. There, you will be required to write and run SAS code for a series of programming questions.

All sections will be covered and code will be provided for each objective been tested in the exam. To skip to a section, click on the section in the table of contents section below. This will open up a new tab to that section and the objectives that are specifically tested will be there.

Note: SAS University Edition will be used.

Table of contents

Access and Create Data Structures

  • Create temporary and permanent SAS data sets
  • Investigate SAS data libraries using base SAS utility procedures
  • Access data
  • Combine SAS data sets
  • Create and manipulate SAS date values
  • Control which observations and variables in a SAS data set are processed and output

Manage Data

  • Sort observations in a SAS data set
  • Conditionally execute SAS statements
  • Use assignment statements in the DATA step
  • Modify variable attributes using options and statements in the DATA step
  • Accumulate sub-totals and totals using DATA step statements
  • Use SAS functions to manipulate character data, numeric data, and SAS date values
  • Use SAS functions to convert character data to numeric and vice versa
  • Process data using DO LOOPS
  • Restructure SAS data sets with PROC TRANSPOSE
  • Use macro variables to simplify program maintenance

Error Handling

  • Identify and resolve programming logic errors
  • Recognize and correct syntax errors
  • Examine and resolve data errors

Generate Reports and Output

  • Generate list reports using the PRINT procedure
  • Generate summary reports and frequency tables using base SAS procedures
  • Enhance reports system user-defined formats, titles, footnotes and SAS System reporting options
  • Generate reports using ODS statements
  • Export data

Sample Practice Questions